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Phylecia Jones

Lead Researcher & Founder, iFind You Close

Phylecia Jones is a Budgetolgoist, motivational speaker, and women in STEM advocate, who has challenged hundreds of audiences to have a mindset shift when it comes to money, math and the power of choices. As a result, she has presented in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom on platforms such as TEDx, NPR’s TED Radio Hour, NBC 9 News, FinCon, iThemes and a host of organizations that trust her ability to educate, inspire and transform. She is a former Computer Scientist and Systems Engineer with the US Navy who retired at the age of 36 to launch NumericMe, to support girls and women in STEM; host the Ask the Budgetologist podcast; and blog her adventures through Keep Up with Mrs. Jones. Phylecia’s eclectic life experiences include baton twirling, performing with a circus, RVing across the USA, being a professional cheerleader, and achieving 100hrs towards being a yacht captain.