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Get access to over 20 NEW speaking opportunities from multiple industries, around the world, each month!

What We Do

We help you take the guess work out of finding for your next speaking gig

We Find

We sort and sift through thousands of events, conferences and organizations that are looking to book speakers daily.

We Deliver

We deliver researched speaking opportunities, with who, what, when and whether compensation is available.


We Support

We support you with office hours, courses, pitch strategies and consulting to get you on stage.

You Close

You pitch the opportnities that alignment with your goals, audience and will close more deals to increase your revenue.

Virtual and Live speaking opportunities at your Finger tips

  • Generate more options as a multiplatform speaker
  • Speak from anywhere in the world
  • Become an internationally known brand and speaker
  • Present from your own live streaming studio
  • Convert clients from the stage and screen

What You Get

You get to save hours of your time, grow your brand, build authority and increase your revenue

Access to Over 200 Events


5 NEW Opportunities Weekly


Speaker Pitch Requirements


Speaker Compensation Details


Live Weekly Office Hours

Leverage your speaking skills and make money

  • Convert clients into your services or products
  • Increase sales and revenue
  • Build brand authority
  • Travel the world
  • Share your message and educate your audience
  • Market your business, books or consulting programs
  • Become known in your industry

What they are saying

iFind You Close took my speaking business from zero to hero!  Before IFYC, I was stuck. I didn't know where to start or what I would even speak about.  In the first two weeks of being a member, I applied for eight speaking gigs and won three – all of them major conferences that put me in front of thousands of people. Now, six months in, I have clarity, a steady stream of speaking gigs, and more consulting opportunities than I've ever had before.  Without IFYC I'd still be on my couch wishing I was a speaker.  With IFYC, I AM a speaker…and a paid one at that!
Twila Kaye

Leadership & Personality Expert

Thank you for the speaking opportunities that are delivered weekly to my email inbox! And for your example of consistent persistence and excellent expertise! Receiving your weekly emails inspired me to set aside weekly time to put action being doing what I love! And for your strategic guidance to be patient and receive the no’s while eagerly awaiting the opportunity that aligns with our mission!

Meshell R Baker

Sales Success Strategist & Confidence Coach

I was always looking for speaking engagements to help further my speaking career and grow my business, but I didn't know which events to target. Most of what I could find before were events where I was speaking to my peers. Thanks to iFind You Close, I have found, and successfully appeared at events that are positioning me as an expert and generating leads and sales for my business.

Paul Ince

Marketing Strategist & Expert

Who is iFind You Close For?

  • Founders who want to become known in their industry
  • Influencers who want to grow their brand
  • Business Owners who want to target their ideal audience
  • Sales Professionals who want to diversify their markets
  • Coaches who want to convert more clients
  • Podcasters who want to grow their listener base
  • Speakers who need more stages on their calendar

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