Have you ever come across the perfect speaking opportunity, only to find...

Your bio is outdated?
Your talk overview is... blah?
Your headshot is not formatted properly?
You get overwhelmed putting together what’s needed to pitch?
You cannot remember what, or if, you pitched previously?
It takes hours to update everything only to miss the pitch deadline?
At times you just don’t feel organized?

20% of speaking gigs are lost or overlooked...

Due to not being prepared to pitch consistently.

Just imagine being on more stages and having a calendar filled with speaking gigs....

By having the templates, guidance, and plans in place that will land more gigs FASTER. Get everything you need to create an efficiently run system that benefits your business and speaking career.

  • Get organized to pitch gigs faster

  • Tools and tracking guide for your pitching efforts

  • Speaker one sheet design and templates to stand out

  • Create a speaker bio that gets noticed

  • Craft a talk overview that gets on you booked

Close more speaking gigs!

With professionally designed assets that promote your expertise!

Design the perfect speaker one sheet

With multiple design templates and tutorial to showcase your skills, expertise, and authority

Learn the basics of designing a speaker one sheet that will get you booked. From the must needed elements to design templates to get you started.
computer screen

"A reminder again that I need to get my assets in order."

Annett Bone Podcaster, The DancePreneuring Studio

Craft compelling bios and talk overviews

With accessible examples and easy to follow prompts that stand out and get you noticed when pitching

Your bio and talk descriptions are your first impressions to event hosts and audiences. Get guidance on crafting both and the best ways to utilize them to get on stage.
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Get control of your speaking career

Implement a project management structure to see your potential gigs and prospects all in one place

Never lose track of another speaking opportunity

Get our downloadable tracking system and process to pitch and follow up until a gig is closed

A step-by-step method to easily and efficiently follow a speaking opportunity from start to close. Understand your pitch process and what works to get you more bookings.

Take the guess work out of the pitching process

From warm to cold to simply asking for a gig, take a deep dive into the different pitching processes and how each can work for you.

  • Understand the difference between cold vs warm pitching

  • The steps to execute each type of pitch process

  • Establish a pitching process that will keep you top of mind with organizers

Get started crafting a speaker kit and system that gets you booked!

With assets, photos, and docs easily available for you to pitch frequently, watch your speaking career soar.

This course is for...
consultants, coaches and content creators

Who use speaking to market their brand and expand their audience reach.

Get instant and lifetime access including any future updates.
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Bonus content!

Ready to convert more clients and increase revenue while on stage?

  • Tips on selling from a live, or virtual, stage!

    Not only will you receive resources to get organized, but you will learn what it takes to convert more clients into your services and products.

Everything you need!

Everything you need to get organized, create compelling speaker assets, showcase your expertise, and get on more stages FAST

Phylecia Jones

Course Instructor & Presenter

Phylecia Jones is a two-time TEDx speaker, national TV financial contributor for Daily Blast Live, women in STEM advocate and Founder of iFind You Close helping speakers research and book more speaking engagements around the world. She has been featured on hundreds of stages in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.
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Inside the course:

    1. Overview

    1. Introduction

    2. Why Speaking Works

    3. Getting Organized with Your Speaker Kit

    4. Tracking Your Pitch Efforts

    5. Understanding the Pitching Process

    6. Converting Clients

    7. 90 Day Plan

    1. Introduction

    2. 4 Pieces of a Speaker Bio

    3. Establishment + Purpose

    4. Credibility + Fun

    5. Putting it All Together

    6. How to Use and Adapt Bio

    1. Introduction

    2. What is a Speaker One Sheet

    3. Designing Your One Sheet

    4. When to Use a Your One Sheet

    1. Introduction

    2. Crafting Your Talk Overview

    3. Putting it All Together

    4. Wrapping it Up

    1. SAMPLE Pitch Management Board

    2. SAMPLE Speaker One Sheet Templates

About this course

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  • 24 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content