With over 5000+ events happening each day, there are so many opportunities to get on stage to make money. BUTTT...

What many speakers do not know is that it really depends on your role that determines how much, and if, you get paid. In this engaging workshop session, go behind the scenes of the world of a speaker and learn who gets paid, how to negotiate and get a better understanding of the best ways to navigate your position as speaker. Walk away with:

  • Knowing the many different roles of being a speaker at an event

  • Understanding entertainers vs speakers vs hosts and how they all make money

  • How speakers actually get paid

  • How to decide to market yourself as a speaker

  • Positioning yourself to better negotiate for compensation

Understand the stage so you can get paid!

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Negotiate, get paid and stay booked with the entire workshop series

6 Sessions. Over 6 Hours.

From navigating negotiation skills to creating systems to stay booked, go behind the scenes to become a smarter and more profitable speaker.
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  • This workshop is a video replay from the 2021 Autumn Speaker Series from iFind You Close®

  • This workshop includes one video session delivered by Phylecia Jones

  • No. There are no refunds after purchase.