Revamp your back office to book more speaking engagements!

Of course systems and processes are not the sexy business talk you want to hear about, but it is the talk that will keep you consistently booked. From follow-up processes to systems to keep business running smoothly, there are some core back office moves every speaker must implement. In this interactive session, you will learn every system and every process you must have in order to be a profitable and booked speaker. Walk away with:

  • Knowing the many The systems and process you must have to land speaking engagements roles of being a speaker at an event

  • How to put your business on auto-pilot while staying profitable when you are on stage

  • Who you need to hire, and what to delegate, in order to get work done efficiently

  • How to create systems around your Call-to-Actions

  • Positioning yourself to better negotiate for compensation

Autopilot your business while you are on stage!

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Negotiate, get paid and stay booked with the entire workshop series

6 Sessions. Over 6 Hours.

From navigating negotiation skills to creating systems to stay booked, go behind the scenes to become a smarter and more profitable speaker.
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  • This workshop is a video replay from the 2021 Autumn Speaker Series from iFind You Close®

  • This workshop includes one video session delivered by Phylecia Jones

  • No. There are no refunds after purchase.