Ready to understand, and target, events that pay speakers?

When it comes to getting on stage, understanding the difference between corporate, seminar and conference events will help you when it comes to marketing your business vs getting paid. In the United States alone, there are over 1 million events annually that are looking for experts and speakers, but it takes truly knowing the difference of these stages for you to reach your speaking goals. In this workshop, we will break the types of events that are looking for speakers and the events are more likely, and least likely, to compensate you as a speaker. Walk away with:

  • Knowing the difference between events available to speakers

  • The events that are best for consultants and freelancers

  • Events that are best for professional speakers and generate significant revenue

  • Challenges you may face based on age, gender and ethnicity when it comes to getting paid

  • How to target the right events for you and your brand

Navigate the right stages to get paid!

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From navigating negotiation skills to creating systems to stay booked, go behind the scenes to become a smarter and more profitable speaker.
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  • This workshop is a video replay from the 2021 Autumn Speaker Series from iFind You Close®

  • This workshop includes one video session delivered by Phylecia Jones

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