Invested over $10,000 into your speaking career... and got very little return on investment?

Investing in your business is one of the best ways to grow and reach success, but when you invest without questions, you can easily find yourself broke, desperate and looking for more answers. Unfortunately, there are many that are ready to exploit your vulnerabilities and that is when you need to put on your CEO hat and understand the risks vs rewards.

  • Recognizing when to walk away from "too good to be true" programs

  • Understanding expectations when investing your speaking career

  • When to invest in a speaking coach

  • Why no one can make guarantees when it comes to you getting on stage

  • How much you will invest when it comes to launching and maintaining a speaking career

Protect your business and your finances.

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Negotiate, get paid and stay booked with the entire workshop series

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From navigating negotiation skills to creating systems to stay booked, go behind the scenes to become a smarter and more profitable speaker.
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  • This workshop is a video replay from the 2021 Autumn Speaker Series from iFind You Close®

  • This workshop includes one video session delivered by Phylecia Jones

  • No. There are no refunds after purchase.