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What we do at iFind You Close

We make it easier for you to close your next speaking gig

  • We Find

    We research hundreds of events, conferences, and organizations that are looking to book speakers.

  • We Deliver

    We deliver researched speaking opportunities, with who, what, when, and whether compensation is available.

  • We Support

    We support you with workshops, Q&A sessions, courses, and resources to get you on stage.


Opportunities that align with your goals, audience and will bring a profit to your business.

Twila Kaye, Leadership & Personality Expert

"In the first two weeks of being a member, I applied for eight speaking gigs and won three – all of them major conferences that put me in front of thousands of people. Now, six months in, I have clarity, a steady stream of speaking gigs, and more consulting opportunities than I've ever had before."

For those who want to leverage speaking and market their brand on stage

✔Coaches who want to convert
✔Consultants who want to target
✔Business owners who want to focus
✔Content creators who want to grow
✔Podcasters who want to amplify
✔Marketers who want to expand
✔Sales experts who want to diversify

Meshell R Baker, Sales and Success Strategist & Confidence Coach

"Receiving your weekly emails inspired me to set aside weekly time to put action being doing what I love! And for your strategic guidance to be patient and receive the no’s while eagerly awaiting the opportunity that aligns with our mission!"

For less than $1 a day

Access new speaking opportunities weekly along with TEDx events, grants, and business pitch competitions.