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Your Speaking Career vs Uncertainty: Where to Focus When Having to Slow Down

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Your Speaking Career vs Uncertainty: Where to Focus When Having to Slow Down

Mar 23, 2020 | Living, Work

When it comes to growing, and maintaining, a successful speaking career, there is one thing that can always be counted on… uncertainty. Uncertainty is the state of being unsure or not known and this can happen at any time in our careers. From personal issues, financial challenges, event industry slow downs to global issues outside of your control, the effects of uncertainty can trickle down to our speaking careers when we are least prepared.

If speaking is something you know you want to do, then your ability to focus will get you through any challenging time. Instead of getting distracted with a pivot that leads you further away from getting on stage or thinking this is the best time for a career change, give yourself another 90 days. During this time period, working on your website, becoming consistent across social platforms and updating your speaker kit can set you on the path to being prepared and attracting your next stage.

Make your website easier to get you booked

Does your website have your latest talks, testimonials or photos of you on stage? No. Then this is the perfect time to clean up your website and make it easy for an event host to book you. Having a dynamic website that looks current, easy to navigate and shows your skills is your first priority when uncertainty hits your speaking career. Here is what you can focus on to keep you up to date:

  1. Add testimonials from event hosts and audience members who have seen you speak
  2. Refresh your images and videos to show you have been on stage recently
  3. Speed up your website by adjusting your photo and video resolution
  4. Update your talk titles and descriptions
  5. Make sure your website showcases your credibility by mentioning previous engagements and clients

Create consistency across social media platforms

Now more than ever is the best time to create consistency across your social media platforms. Event hosts and planners are using social profiles to make decisions on whether you are a right fit for their event. If your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn profiles are completely different, then it is time to clean up everything. When looking at your platforms be sure:

  1. Header and profile photos are the best representation of you as a speaker
  2. Your business name and titles match and don’t cause confusion
  3. Your bio, description or about me sections are all similar
  4. You are sharing relevant content or information that shows your expertise
  5. Remove any negative content that could misrepresent you

If you are not sure where to start with your social profiles, start with LinkedIn. Consider LinkedIn second to your website to show credibility of your expertise and previous speaking engagements. Many event hosts and planners are using this platform to evaluate speakers for engagements.

Organize your speaker kit

If you found yourself having to constantly update your bio, search for a recent photo or spending more than an hour trying to figure out what you want to talk about when pitching a gig, then organizing your speaker kit is a top priority. Your speaker kit is your prized possession that helps you stay organized and pitch faster when going after potential engagements. A very basic speaker kit is a digital cloud folder that includes your:

  1. Bio
  2. Headshot
  3. Topic overview

This is a great time to create, or refresh your speaker kit, with the most up to date items needed when preparing to reach out to organizations that are seeking speakers for their event.

Your speaking career will always depends on you being prepared

Even though uncertainty and challenging times can strike any speaking career unexpectedly, staying organized and prepared is always key. Instead of walking away from the work you have already done to get on stage, staying focused and giving yourself time to adjust, versus doing a complete pivot, will help you stay the course. When dealing with a slow down, putting in effort to review your website, become consistent across social platforms and make sure your speaker kit is updated is the best place to start. No matter what is out of your control, a stage is always waiting for you if you stay prepared knowing that is your ultimate goal.