Where to Focus and What to Expect as a Speaker in Q3

by | Jul 7, 2021 | News & Announcements

Time seems to be going faster than I can imagine these days.  We are in a new quarter, Q3, and new month, July, which brings a host of Summer fun and distractions. With this said, it's hard to know where to focus and what to expect around the corner. Even though live stages have started coming back, I don't think we will see the full scale of this until the Fall. Meaning… more opportunities will be available as the world tries to balance getting back to normal vs making money vs moving on from the pandemic. This also leads to some lingering thoughts as we move forward…

What about virtual?

Interesting enough, virtual events have always been around, we just never depended on them like we've had to in the last year. They aren't going anywhere. You will just see more events incorporate virtual into their live production which brings more options for you to be on stage. You will also see more global communities/networking groups embrace virtual presentations as a part of learning series. Nothing I am writing is new, but the options are more in our face these days and this is great for you as a speaker.

Are we in the age of multiple offerings?

This may seem very random, but I am sure you are seeing this on social media. The rise in coaching programs, retreats, masterminds, courses and other community focused money makers from the unlikeliest of people. With so many speakers, artists, celebrities who lost income in the last year, many pivoted on their expertise to start offering their programs to the masses… and in multiple formats. There will be even more of this because the pandemic taught us not to put all of our eggs in one basket. Will you need to compete with others when it comes to income streams? Not really. It's more likely you will need to increase what you can negotiate when it comes to closing deals.

For example… imagine you cannot speak in person, but you can sell a custom course instead OR if an event doesn't pay, you can get a sponsor to purchase your digital products for the audience… and everyone is happy. The potential has always been here but we are slowly learning that we have to be more well-rounded as speakers and business owners, but don't be surprised if you start seeing more and more of people who have clout and large followings start creeping into your space.

What do I need to do get on stage now?

If you have been focused on pitching and getting on stage… just keep doing what you are doing. If you had to take a break and are just jumping back in, NOW is the time to update and re-evaluate your offerings as a speaker. The competition level is very high right now. Pro speakers are getting back on the stages with reduced prices, celebrity influencers are starting to move in on opportunities and since more businesses launched in the last year… there is a crop of new voices showing up and everyone wants to be heard. Just stay focused.

So… for right now…

Q3 is the time for you to get organized with everything. Once Summer starts to fade and people hunker day for cooler months, and aiming for end of the year goals, you will have to put your everything into landing the right opportunities for you and your brand. This means you will need to be be prepared and that means right now. Look at your systems, your processes, your support team… get it all in place now because when September comes, the opportunities will be overflowing and I don't want you to miss out or get left behind.