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Speaker DEMO Day with WEBO

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Speaker DEMO Day with WEBO

Jun 23, 2019 | News and Events

We are excited to join forces with Women Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Network (WEBO) to co-sponsor the Speaker DEMO Day on July 28th, 2019 in Lafayette, CO! We understand the importance in having the right assets when it comes to pitching and landing speaking engagements quickly. While speakers are prepping with videos, testimonials and photos, we will be on hand to give tips and tricks on what it takes to pitch and get in front decision makers.

For the Speaker DEMO Day, WEBO is offering its members and guests the opportunity to video recording, production and editing of their talk to build a speaker reel to promote efforts to get on stage. Additionally, speakers will get that most important headshot, speaking action photography and a designed speaker one sheet.

This event is a speaker asset powerhouse and we support this! Our mission at iFind You Close is to support getting more speakers on stage and these are steps in the right direction. Contact WEBO for more information about the event.