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The Speakers'

Pitch Lab LIVE

at PODFEST 2020 | Was a success! Thanks to everyone who participated!

Our 1st annual event brought together event coordinators, meeting hosts and speakers to discover what it really takes to get on stage. Stay tuned for the next Pitch Lab event.

The Stage is Waiting for You

What is Pitch Lab?

Pitch Lab is a one day event experience that will deliver exceptional industry knowledge and cutting edge strategies to help speakers, founders, influencers and business owners who want to use public speaking to market their brand on stage. This event will answer the “HOW” and “WHAT IT TAKES” to get booked by event and speaker coordinators consistently.

Who Should attend?

  • Founders who want to become known in their industry
  • Influencers who want to grow their brand
  • Business Owners who want to target their ideal audience
  • Sales Professionals who want to diversify their markets
  • Coaches who want to convert more clients
  • Podcasters who want to grow their listener base
  • Speakers who need more stages on their calendar