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Pitch Lab at Podfest 2020: Getting Booked for Speaking Engagements from Event Professionals

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Pitch Lab at Podfest 2020: Getting Booked for Speaking Engagements from Event Professionals

by | Nov 7, 2019 | News and Events

If you are listening to the constant one sided view of landing speaking gigs, then you are missing out on the bigger picture! There are thousands of courses, books and articles on how to get booked for speaking engagements from other speakers, but the real magic is hearing what it really takes from those that run events and book speakers.

On March 6th, 2020 iFind You Close is collaborating with Chris Krimitsos and the amazing team at Podfest Media Expo to bring you Pitch Lab. We wanted this event to be different than any other event that talked about the art of speaking and landing speaking engagements. So instead of getting you in a room to talk about your signature talk and how to deliver from the stage… granted these are very important… we wanted to give you the secrets and tips directly from those who are in charge of putting speakers on the stage.


Event Hosts, Speaker Coordinators and TEDx Curators on the Hot Seat

Yes. We are putting event hosts, speaker coordinators and TEDx curators on the hot seat so you can get your questions answered on what are the best ways to pitch, the topics that are in hot demand and what they look for when they are looking for speakers for their events. No longer will you have to wait and wonder when some of the best will be on stage representing over 1000+ events and thousands of hours selecting the best of the best when it comes to getting on stage.


Learning How to Pitch Fast and Efficiently

Here at iFYC, we know there are many ways to get on stage, but we believe that being prepared is the best advantage you will to being book consistently. At Pitch Lab, we are going to give you everything you would ever need when it comes to having the right media kits, photos, pitch strategies and anything else you can think of so that you can apply or propose your session to anyone that is looking for a qualified speaker. Our goal is to get you on stage to make money rather than keep you in the dark.



Pitch Before You Leave at Podfest 2020

Since Pitch Lab is partnering with Podfest 2020 to bring you this amazing event, you will be able to put your skills to work before the weekend is over. The ticket to Pitch Lab includes a weekend pass to Podfest where you will be able to connect with podcasters looking for guests, companies ready for training and business owners who are wanting more eye-opening content at their private events. This is not a conference where you will be overloaded and wondering where to start, you will be working while having fun at the same time!


Join Us in Orlando in March

If you are ready to hit the stage, you do not want to miss this event! Visit PitchLab2020.com to learn more and register.