How to Prep for Your Upcoming Speaking Gig

Friday, May 27th

Landing the gig is the easy part, now you have to get on stage and wow the audience! Get the 5 hacks that will help you get on stage relaxed, prepped, and ready for your standing ovation.
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Create an Eye-Catching Speaker Reel

Tuesday, May 31st

Get Professional Series | iFYC Workshop
When it comes to building a speaker package that gets you booked, having a video helps. In this interactive session, you will learn the elements of a sensational speaker reel and the tools to create your own.
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How to Spot a Speaking Gig Scam

Friday, June 10th

In the world of speaking, sometimes it is hard to spot a scam vs a real opportunity to get on stage. Learn some of the red flags to watch for when it comes to questionable speaking gigs.
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Visuals and Videos to Get You Booked as a Speaker

Thursday, June 16th

Get Known Series | iFYC Workshop
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2 Systems & 4 Processes:
Exactly What Every Speaker Needs to Book More Gigs

Thursday, June 23rd

Get Professional Series | iFYC Workshop
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Join me in Kansas City!
Women in Travel Summit

May 13th - 15th
The premier event for women and gender diverse travel influencers and creators, and the brands that want to work with them.