Navigating Business Travel in a Pandemic World

by | Nov 23, 2021 | Travel, Work

As a public speaker and business owner, getting to your next gig on time and unflustered is essential. Navigating business travel during a pandemic world can have its frustrating moments. Even though the coronavirus still dominates health concerns, domestic and international travel are steadily on the rise. 2022 is expected to see a surge in business travel with a 37% increase in spending. Nevertheless, countries are reporting variable vaccination rates, labor shortages, quarantine demands, and constantly changing requirements for testing and masking. So, what does this mean for you, the entrepreneur that is ready to get back to business and on stage?

It means having a bit of patience, being prepared, and having backup plans so that you navigate this constantly changing world of travel in peace. Here are a few tips to get you ready.

person with passport in hand

Stay Updated on the Rules and Fine Print

Gone are the days of zipping through the airport for your next business destination without a care in the world. These days, the fine print is necessary to read. On top of airlines having different rules for getting on the plane, you are dealing with the rules of entering and exiting a country, gaining access to your hotel, and navigating transportation. This is when technology can be on your side. Be sure to check your emails regularly for any changes in the rules for your destination. Download the hotel and airline apps to get notifications on changes in paperwork. Keep digital and physical copies of everything so that you can get where you need to go seamlessly.

Be Prepared for Long Lines

Remember when your platinum status gave you the ability to skip the line? Well, your status still matters, but the line is not as fast as before. We have all heard about strains on the global supply chain, which has hit the available hospitality workforce hard. Shortages in workers can be seen, heard, and felt in airports, airlines, hotels, transportation, restaurants, and other areas that cater to business and leisure travelers. Get your comfortable shoes ready because lines and wait times are a reality for the near future. To speed things up, get friendly with those apps! Schedule that contactless check-in at your hotel, preschedule your transportation at least 24hrs ahead of time, schedule your dining reservations or delivery… even your coffee, all from your phone so that you do not have to wait.

Have Documents Ready to Present

Vaccinated, not vaccinated. Positive, not positive. The name of this game is “show me the receipts.” Have your phone and tablets charged because you will have to present QR codes, test results, and vaccination status. And this can be different on where you are traveling to, from, and including your stopover. See above about reading the fine with your travel documents but have your COVID-19 documents on hand and ready to show. Most of the travel woes fall on the unprepared traveler… with the dead mobile phone. Have your backup charger ready and printed copies of your status.

person with hotel key card

Pack Your Patience and Have a Plan B

As the world continues to open and business opportunities are getting entrepreneurs back in the air to travel again, it is best also to pack a lot of patience. The pandemic has presented the world with challenges that are changing daily. This forces even the most well-versed traveler to adapt to new routines and be even more prepared than usual. At the same time, expand your budget for unexpected expenses, such as testing and quarantining, have a plan in case flights are delayed or canceled, and stay in open communication with your client, so they know when and where to expect you during your journey.