Financial Relief for the Self-Employed During the Coronavirus Crisis

Mar 24, 2020 | Work

With the current global crisis caused by the never ending domino effects of coronavrius and COVID-19, many freelancers, consultants and self-employed workers are being hit financially. Depending on the business structure, these select group of solo business owners may not qualify for the small business loan and relief programs that are being offered by government entities. So, to help close the gap, our team at iFind You Close, decided to do what we do best… research as many available grants and programs that can benefit the ranks of the self-employed. This list will be updated weekly. Be sure to check back often and check the requirements to qualify for the available opportunities.

**Please note: Many of these funds are first come, first serve once you pass the requirement phase.**

GRANTS – For Solo Business Owners, Freelancers, Independent Contractors and Self-Employed

Grant Name: The Creator Fund
Provider: Convert Kit
Amount: Up to $500
For: Creators and Small Business Owners
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Grant Name: What the Fund
Provider: Patreon
Deadline: 14th APR 2020
Amount: Undetermined
For: Creators
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Grant Name: Freelancer COVID-19 Emergency Fund
Provider: Freelance Co-op
Amount: Based on need
For: Creative Freelancers
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Grant Name: Facebook Small Business Grants Program
Provider: Facebook
Amount: Undetermined amount + Ad credits
For: Small Business Owners
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GRANTS – For Small Business Owners (Based on Number of Employees)

Grant Name: Small Business Emergency Relief Program
Provider: Denver Economic Development & Opportunity (DEDO)
Deadline: 31st MAR 2020
Location: City & County of Denver, CO
Amount: Up to $7500
For: Small Business Owners with 500 or less employees
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LOAN PROGRAMS – For Solo Business Owners, Freelancers, Independent Contractors and Self-Employed

Loan Program: Paycheck Protection Program
Provider: Local Banks; SBA-approved Lender
Amount: Up to 250% of monthly payroll expenses, up to a total of $10 million
For: Sole proprietors, Independent Contractors, Gig Economy Workers, Self-employed
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Who's Hiring… Just in Case

Company: Amazon
Job Type: Full-time; Virtual
Number of Positions: 1000+
Job Categories: Leadership Development & Training; Project Management; Human Resources; MORE
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Company: Zoom
Job Type: Full-time
Number of Positions: Undetermined
Job Categories:  Marketing; Sales; Business Development; MORE
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Other places to look for resources

Many programs are appearing daily, so always check your local and city governments and then your state government for relief programs. As a solo business owner, or self-employed, be sure to read the requirements since many only support business owners that have a certain number of employees along with annual revenue minimums.

Grants And Resources For Artists And Nonprofits in Massachusetts and the Boston Area