5 Live Streaming Equipment Upgrades Before Your Next Virtual Presentation

by | Jul 15, 2021 | Tools & Tech

With global changes in live events, seemingly overnight, speakers found new ways to deliver by coming front and center of webcams and booking gigs from the comfort of their homes. What some considered a short moment in time, has now become a permanent fixture and has opened the doors of opportunity for veteran and novice speakers alike. However, challenges continue to pop up when a virtual presentation meets poor DIY production quality. From blurry cameras, dim lighting, scratchy sound and poor graphics, many speakers transitioned from the stage to the camera with less than appealing results. Speaking is all about leaving a lasting impression. If you don't want to leave an impression of gear and tech transported from the late 1900's, then follow our list of live streaming and video upgrades. In no time, you will dazzle your audience with your high quality production and memorable stage presence.

Take your lighting from okay to stunning with a ring light

Having the right lighting can literally take your virtual presentation out of the darkness and into eye-catching. Just like live events, lighting is one of the most important elements to include when you are on a virtual stage. Giving your audience a focal point, creating a mood to enhance your message and, most importantly, making you look great can be achieved by investing in a ring light. The beauty vloggers have known the secret behind looking flawless, filtered and radiant on camera for years. Adding a ring light to your virtual stage kit can instantly have viewers glued to their screen and watching your every move.

We recommend:

Neewer 18-inch Selfie Ring Light with Phone Holder and 2.4G Remote Control

Get out of the tunnel and upgrade your sound

How many times have you been on a virtual meeting where it takes 10 minutes to figure out the sound? Or you sound like an old school cell phone commercial… “can you here me know?” Let's make sure this is not you going forward. A quality microphone changes everything about your presentation. If they cannot hear you, it is more likely viewers will mute you, walk away from the screen or start working on something else. Captivate your audience with crisp and clear audio that will not give them a reason to turn the volume down.

We recommend:

Blue Yeti X Professional Condenser USB Microphone

Go from blurry to high definition with a dedicated webcam

If you are going to take your virtual presentations seriously, then it is time to move from your low quality laptop camera and upgrade to high definition. Live streaming pros have known for a while now that the quality of the camera makes a difference from those who stay engage vs those who click away. Make them feel like you are making eye contact by using a quality 4K webcam.

We recommend:

Logitech BRIO Ultra HD Webcam

Become your own event photographer

Every speaker knows the value of getting the right action photos on stage. Since virtual is now part of your repertoire as a presenter, it is harder to get the photos showing off a standing ovation or you in front of a large audience, but showing off your skills in front of the camera lends great credibility. All of this can happen with something as a simple as a tripod. YES… a tripod. This magical device can be used to capture 4k video on your phone, which can easily turn into pixel worthy photos and video for your website.

We recommend:

MACTREM 80″ Professional Camera Tripod with Carry Bag + Phone Mount

Wow your next audience with engaging graphics

The 2000s called and they want their boring slides back. Hopefully by now, you have learned that slides are visual assets and not a dumping ground for you to read to the audience. With that said, and the removal of all those words, it is time to deliver the most engaging graphics you can produce. Canva Pro is here to save you. From photos, to abstract designs and slides that are visually pleasing, you can enhance your presentations and become memorable.

We recommend:

Canva. Design like a Pro.

Remember, you have one job as a virtual presenter…

And this it to be memorable. Virtual presentations are no longer a stop-gap novelty but a trend that will be around for decades. What worked a few years ago is not going to work now when audiences have been in front of screens for movies, presentations, work and even meeting with families. You will have to deliver what will keep them engaged, entertained and glued to your every move. By investing in some simple, but necessary upgrades, you can showcase your live streaming skills and become sought after virtual speaker.